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French Settlement Students compete at the Livingston Parish Fair Art Exhibit

Congrats to the following students who placed today at the LP Fair for their art exhibits.

Pencil Drawing: 1st place Gabrielle Sibley 2nd place Julian Rivera 3rd place Jon’ Duplessis

Pen drawing: 1st place Madison Pedigo

Color Photography: 3rd place Courtlyn Fontenot

Watercolor: 1st place Ava Peterson

Ornaments: 1st place Paige Fennell

Mixed Media: 1st place Paige Fennell

Digital Art: 1st place Tiffany Slade 2nd place Heather Ward 3rd place Jac Draper

Acrylic Painting: 1st place Presley Efferson 2nd place Tiffany Slade 3rd place Natalie Almand

Pen drawing: 1st place Laila Willis

Crochet: 2nd placard Claire Fennell

Cardboard: 2nd place Luke Martin and Ayden Salinas 3rd place Kendell Richardson and Danielle Smith

Black and White photography: 1st place Haiden Latimer 2nd place Kyndal Ellis

Wooden Birdhouse: 1st place Haleigh Nettles

Wooden Cross: 1st place Haleigh Nettles

Wreath: 1st place Caroline Draper

Pottery: 1st place Baylee Rowell

Wooden Shelf: 1st place Shane Nettles

Color Pencil: 3rd place Derrick Clouatre

Sewn Handbag: 1st place Baylee Rowell

Recyclable Art: 1st place Haiden Latimer



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