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FSHS Wins on the Road Against Glen Oaks

French Settlement Bowling is making some significant gains in their first season. They received another victory on the road on Thursday, February 1st, at All-Star Lanes. They faced off against a veteran Glen Oaks High School and came out ahead 20-7.


During game 1 Ben Harger and Bradley Bergeron surrendered 1 point each, but Bradley Boeneke, Byron Baxter, Cain Demster, and Aiden Planchard all won their matchups gaining 4 points for the Lions. Cain Dempster had the high score for round 1 with a 182. Pinfall for the game left the Lions ahead by 140 pins at 773-633.


Game 2 brought some more consistent scores with the Lion's averages. Claire Fennell was substituted in for Harger and came in strong with a 119 but fell to Glen Oaks' Christopher Jackson by only 15 pins. The Lions surrendered only 2 points during game 2 and kept a tremendous lead of 190 pins over Glen Oaks. Pinfall for Game 2 was 793-603.


The Lions surrendered only 3 points during game 3. Glen Oaks was able to settle in and gain on the Lions with a gap of only 26 pins by the end of the game. Paige Fennell was substituted for Boeneke for her fourth match appearance this season. 


Byron Baxter and Aiden Planchard were able to bring in 6 points for the Lions, winning all 3 of their pairings during the series.


The final score was 20-7 in favor of the Lions with a final pinfall of 2227-1871.


Top Averages for The Day:

Aiden Planchard: 153

Cain Dempster: 162


The Lions go on the road again on Monday, February 5th, to face off against Istrouma. FSHS currently sits at 4-0 during their inaugural season in LHSAA bowling.

The Lions currently sit at #7 in the LHSAA Division II power rankings.


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