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Laser Engraving takes FSHS shop to the next level

By: Haley Watts

At French Settlement High School the students in the shop class recently began experimenting with some new technology. A laser engraving machine is the most recent addition to the class, allowing students to engrave designs on many different objects and materials. So far the students seem to be enjoying the new laser engraver. It has allowed them to add more creativity and customization to their projects.


 According to Mr. Shain Picou, the FSHS shop teacher, “It's mainly used to burn our logo into things.”

Mason Mcoy, a current student in the FSHS shop class, said, “It's cool, it's a really new invention we have for carpentry class”.

The Laser engraver could change the way that schools introduce students to more advanced technology as well as new interests for their future to come.

Here are some of the designs that students have created so far.


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